Star Trek Picard – cello and violin cover

I recently had an opportunity to collaborate with Taiwanese cellist Li-Han Eliza Tseng on her project: Star Trek Picard Cello and Violin Cover. We got to know each other through a Taiwanese artists group on Facebook. She brought up this idea last month and we started to work on it for the past several weeks. Please check out our performance below.

Star Trek Picard cello and violin cover

The music was arranged by Li-Han, based on the main theme of the TV series Star Trek Picard. She played cello and I played violin. I did all the post production of the video, with inputs from her regarding the sound mixing.

Hope you like it!

About Li-Han Eliza Tseng

Li-Han Eliza Tseng is a Taiwanese cellist and instructor based in the United States. She earned her DMA degree from the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music and MM degree from the University of North Texas.

Please follow her on Facebook and subscribe to her YouTube channel (links below). Thank you for your support!
Violoncello Tseng + (Facebook)
Violoncello Tseng + (YouTube)

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