I got asked a lot about how I got involved in curling and how I was able to join the Chinese Taipei Curling Team.

While in high school and college, I played all kinds of sports. My favorites are baseball and badminton. I played in the Medical College Baseball Team, and we won the champion of the NTU Cup (an intramural event at National Taiwan University) when I was a senior. Sometimes I thought I was born to play sports.

The first time I saw curling on TV was in Paris in 2000. I thought that looked like an interesting sport. So when I came to Madison in 2001 and a friend of mine introduced me the sport, I was eager to try. Guess what? I was totally hooked. During my first two seasons,I probably spent 4 nights a week on average at the Madison Curling Club. I started to play competitively in 2008, when I first represented Taiwan (Chinese Taipei) in the Pacific Curling Championships, later renamed as Pacific-Asia Curling Championships (PACC). While I took a break from curling between 2010-2013, I've been on the team since 2014. The season 2016-2017 was marked as a high point in my curling career as we made to the top 4 in PACC for the first time in team history.

In March 2018, I was appointed Deputy Director of International Affairs by the Chinese Taipei Curling Federation.

For my curling adventures, please visit Taiwan Curling 飛壺外轉.


Asian Winter Games

Sapporo, Japan, 2017 (4th Place)

Pacific-Asia Curling Championships

Erina, Australia, 2017
Uiseong, South Korea, 2016 (4th Place)
Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2015
Karuizawa, Japan, 2014
Karuizawa, Japan, 2009
Naseby, New Zealand, 2008



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