Ting-Li Lin 林挺立


Ting-Li Lin: A Renaissance Man in Harmony

Ting-Li Lin’s life embodies the spirit of a Renaissance man, a captivating melody woven from diverse passions. Born in Taiwan in 1976, his early exposure to music ignited a lifelong love. Piano lessons at 7 were followed by violin at 9, leading him to a music-specialty school. While his parents later encouraged a more academic path, Ting-Li’s dedication to music remained evident, as he played in prestigious orchestras throughout college.

An intellectual curiosity blossomed alongside his musical passion. After graduating with a degree in physical therapy, Ting-Li embarked on a journey of exploration in the US. The Human Factors program piqued his interest initially, but statistics soon took center stage. He earned both Masters and Ph.D. degrees in this field, ultimately leveraging his expertise to become a successful statistician in the pharmaceutical industry and a senior research scientist at Frontier Science Foundation.

Ting-Li’s artistic expression extends beyond music. Inspired by the majestic landscapes of Yellowstone National Park in 2003, photography became another passion. His artistic eye focuses on nature, landscapes, and architecture, capturing the essence of form, texture, and contrast. This talent has been recognized through prestigious awards like the Ansel Adams Gallery National Park Photo Contest win in 2009 and International Photo Awards honors..

His artistic pursuits further expanded with the co-founding of Snowforest, a photography and video production studio in 2015. This venture ignited a passion for filmmaking, culminating in the documentary “AJ CARR,” which garnered recognition at film festivals. Even recently, the formation of a music group, Offbeat Ensemble, demonstrates Ting-Li’s unwavering love for music.

Ting-Li’s athletic prowess is on display in curling, a sport he’s embraced since 2001. He’s competed internationally, achieving a career high with his team at the Pacific-Asia Curling Championships. Now, his focus is on coaching Team Taiwania. In 2021, his efforts were rewarded with a historic bronze medal win for Taiwan, a testament to his dedication to inspiring the next generation of curlers.

This constant exploration across disciplines reflects a man who thrives on learning and creating. Ting-Li Lin’s life story is a testament to his unwavering pursuit of knowledge, artistic expression, and athletic dedication. He is a true Renaissance man, a master conductor of his own life’s symphony.

Updated April 2024

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