Yamaha FG-365S Refretting and Pickup Installation

Yamaha FG-365S Guitar Refretting and Pickup Installation

This was my first time trying to repair any thing on any guitar. The frets were replaced with stainless ones. K&K Pure Mini pickup was installed. The tuning machines were replaced with Gotoh 510 (SGV510Z-L5-XN MGT Locking Tuners). The pickguard was removed simply because I don’t like it. The guitar was made in Taiwan in …

White Christmas guitar cover

White Christmas – guitar learning progress after 4 months

I started to learn classical guitar about 4 months ago as we continued to stay at home due to the pandemic. As a violinist, I was able to pick up some basic skills quickly, especially the left hand techniques. But there are still many differences between violin and guitar, and I will keep trying to …

Can I play with Ray Chen? | Ting-Li Lin

Can I play with Ray Chen?

Violinist Ray Chen and LA Philharmonic are hosting a competition called Play with Ray. Here is part of my submission. If you’re interested, act fast! The deadline is May 1st, 2019 at 11:59PM PDT. Good luck!

Professor Tyrone Greive

Violin Professor Tyrone Greive is retiring from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this spring. He had retired from the Madison Symphony Orchestra as a concertmaster in 2010. He performed the Violin Concerto No.2 by Szymanowski with the UW-Madison Symphony Orchestra tonight. The Department of Music will hold a Retirement Reception for him on Sunday. I was …


在台灣的時候,我大都是用 Dominant 的弦為主,因為它在台灣賣的價錢很便宜,也有很多音樂家在用。來到美國之後,雖然相較之下 Dominant 還是算便宜的弦,但價格上比台灣貴蠻多的。第一次拿琴去給這裡的師傅調整琴的時候,他建議我可以試試看 Evah Pirazzi 的弦,比較貴沒錯,但是應該會對琴的音色有幫助。