This photo was taken near the entrance of the UW-Madison Arboretum with a Fujifilm G617 panoramic camera, which I bought last year but didn’t spend much time with it until recently. Its 105mm lens is ideal for me, if not the most ideal, and its 6cm by 17cm images are gorgeous. (Who still looks at slide films on a light box these days?) Unfortunately, the camera fell down to the ground from my tripod due to my mishandling last week. The shutter was broken and separated from the camera. I sent it to Fujifilm USA, yet they couldn’t fix it because the parts are no longer available. Although this was not unexpected, I can’t say I didn’t feel any frustration.

Anyway, winter is still going strong here in Madison, Wisconsin. Snow is expected tonight and tomorrow. Hopefully the weather won’t be too bad* during the weekend so that I can continue to work on my project.

*Rainy or snowy is too bad. So is sunny.

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