Untitled by Ting-Li Lin

For years, I have been shooting both film and digital. Yet this year might be my last year shooting film, for it has become less and less practical for me in the past few years. This is just a thought, and still in doubt is whether or not I would give up films before I can replace my 4×5 camera with a technical camera with digital back. Plus, there is no digital equivalent to my 617 camera other than the Seitz 6×17 Digital camera. Either one costs a fortune. Acquiring both is out of the question.

One of the reasons that I cannot give up film just yet is that viewing them on a lightbox is always a pleasure. At the beginning of the year, I thought I was ready to go fully digital next year. This past weekend when I was preparing for my upcoming exhibition, however, I reviewed most of my photos taken in the past 7 years or so and thought I have to rethink my New Year resolutions. Forcing myself to give up film will not work. I have to let it happen naturally. Otherwise, any decision at this point not only affects my workflow but also seems stupid and meaningless.

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