Fujinon SW 105mm f/8

It’s been a very busy month in May. I took this picture on May 1st, but did not have it developed until today (June 5th). A special note to this picture is that it’s taken with the Fujinon SW 105mm f/8 lens that was successfully removed from my broken Fujifilm G617 camera and then mounted on a Seiko shutter I got from eBay. The shutter was originally made for a 90mm lens, but the marking of shutter speed and aperture was not engraved and can be easily replaced with the one from the broken G617. Also, a Linhof #0 lens board is used. Below is a picture of the reassembled lens.

I don’t know the diameter of the lens’ image circle. But since it’s made for 617 cameras, it covers 5×7 for sure. On a 4×5 camera, it should allow lots of movement. I’m very pleased with the result it renders and look forward to taking more pictures with it.

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  1. How easy is it to take this lens apart?

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