Violin Photography

With some recently acquired equipment, I finally had some time to do violin photography. Although I had attempted that before, I’ve never come to this close to what I really like. The curvature and reflective surface of violin make it … Read More

Post-concert procrastination

I haven’t touched my violin since the concert early this month, which I think is a privilege of not being a professional violinist. After watching some of the performances at the Queen Elizabeth Violin Competition, however, I was inspired again … Read More


在台灣的時候,我大都是用 Dominant 的弦為主,因為它在台灣賣的價錢很便宜,也有很多音樂家在用。來到美國之後,雖然相較之下 Dominant 還是算便宜的弦,但價格上比台灣貴蠻多的。第一次拿琴去給這裡的師傅調整琴的時候,他建議我可以試試看 Evah Pirazzi 的弦,比較貴沒錯,但是應該會對琴的音色有幫助。

Igudesman and Joo

Just learned about these two amazing musicians yesterday. They have known each other since the age of 12. Their incredible sense of humor really touches me. I admire their talent for making fun with music while being serious classical music … Read More