Madison Skyline

Not many people would take a photo of Madison skyline on a gloomy day. You probably have seen lots of Madison skyline photos that are much more “beautiful” than this one. If you haven’t, doing a Google search will get … Read More

Historic Madison train depot at dusk

The current owner of this historic site has put a lot of effort into restoring and renovating these old train station buildings. The main building is now a huge bike shop with a newly created basement that can probably store … Read More


Fujifilm X-Pro1 + Hexanon 21mm f/2.8 AE

Kohl Center

I don’t know what it is. But the fun of photography seems to be coming back.

John Nolen Drive at Night

It’s been a while without taking photos at night. I don’t feel like it’s my thing, but it’s fun to do it once in a while. This was a 2-minute exposure, and I turned off the noise reduction function so … Read More

Fujinon SW 105mm f/8

It’s been a very busy month in May. I took this picture on May 1st, but did not have it developed until today (June 5th). A special note to this picture is that it’s taken with the Fujinon SW 105mm … Read More

Spring 2013

The more I use the X-Pro1, the more I like it, especially its color. Although it still has some quirks I would never like, I guess I can’t ask too much. After all, no camera is perfect. The Hexanon AR … Read More

Professor Tyrone Greive

Violin Professor Tyrone Greive is retiring from the University of Wisconsin-Madison this spring. He had retired from the Madison Symphony Orchestra as a concertmaster in 2010. He performed the Violin Concerto No.2 by Szymanowski with the UW-Madison Symphony Orchestra tonight. … Read More

Fujifilm X-Pro1 and Konica Hexanon Lenses

It’s about time to bring my Konica Hexanon Project into digital era. The Fujifilm X-Pro1 seems to be an ideal camera for the project, and I really love the color rendering from the X-Trans sensor. Its poor auto-focus would not … Read More


This is photo #12 in my latest series Solitude. You can find other photos in this series through this link. Please feel free to leave your feedback here. Thank you!

Indie Coffee

My favorite coffee shop in Madison. Not only do I like their coffee, I also enjoy the atmosphere there. It is sometimes the place where I come out with new ideas in life and photography.

Wisconsin Winter

已經不記得上回遇到華氏零下的氣溫是什麼時候了,也很久沒看到發電廠運作得那麼起勁。 至少,上班之前天已亮,下班之時夜未至,拍照的時間應該會愈來愈多才是。 接下來的一個月會是今年最關鍵的一個月 — 能愈冷愈開花嗎?

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