Early morning in Viola, Wisconsin

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This was my first time to visit Viola, Wisconsin.

Early morning in Viola, Wisconsin by Ting-Li Lin

Ever since I started my photography business, I found myself spending much less time on my personal work. Although it may not seem very productive, I still made some progress. Not only did I manage to move from 4×5 large format to digital medium format, but I also started to shoot videos and compose music for the videos. I guess, as long as I keep learning, I’m still moving forward.

Two weeks ago I had a chance to spend a weekend camping at a friend’s parents’ farm in Viola, Wisconsin. It was a nice family getaway. Al least I had a short period of time that I didn’t have to think about business. That is, I didn’t need to worry about if I made a photograph that sells.

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  1. Shiaoping
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    your photograph looks like a painting from an Impressionist ! I like it. Have never been Madison or Wisconsin before, so get to know the place from your photographs would be a good way. I’d suggest that you go to visit Teton national park some day, there are so much you could do there. visit the art gallery in Jackson Hole…

    • Ting-Li Lin
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      Thank you, Shiaoping. I’ve been to Grand Teton 3 times. It’s one of my favorite national parks!

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