Zeiss Ikon

My Zeiss Ikon is one of the few cameras that I bought brand new and is also my first rangefinder camera. About two years ago, I was looking for a simple, light-weight camera to replace my Nikon D700, which replaced my Canon 1Ds. Modern digital SLRs are too complicated, not that I don’t know how to use them but that they sometimes, if not always, interfere my thinking or make me not thinking. So I decided to try rangefinders. After some research, I chose Zeiss Ikon because its price, its bright viewfinder, and the quality of Zeiss lenses. I bought it with Zeiss Biogon 35mm f/2 ZM lens as a bundle, which comes with a nice display box. I thought I would keep them through my life. But unfortunately, I couldn’t.

After evaluating my current situation and needs, I have to not only let them go but also sell some other equipment. I hate to do this but I guess I have no choice. The camera and the Biogon 35mm lens are on the way to the new owner today. Hope they will find a happy home.

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