Solitude V-02 by Ting-Li Lin


This is photo #12 in my latest series Solitude. You can find other photos in this series through this link. Please feel free to leave your feedback here. Thank you!

Winter by Ting-Li Lin


This photo was taken near the entrance of the UW-Madison Arboretum with a Fujifilm G617 panoramic camera, which I bought last year but didn’t spend much time with it until recently. Its 105mm lens is ideal for me, if not the most ideal, and its 6cm by 17cm images are gorgeous. (Who still looks at …


Believe it or not. This picture was taken back in June this year. I finally finished this roll last weekend and had it developed today. The first two frames of this roll was taken even back in May! If the situation remains like this, I think I will stop using the T4 because the batteries …