Refreshing Konica Hexanon Project

100state © Ting-Li Lin

While I’m still busy with my new business, I think it’s also about time to refresh my Konica Hexanon Project. Fujifilm X-Pro1 is a great camera that produces fantastic images, but its sensor size just not big enough to use the full potential of Konica Hexanon lenses. So I finally decided to purchase a Sony A7 II. Hopefully this will bring the Project back to life.

Why not using my Autoreflex TC, T3, or T4? Well, I just don’t have enough time to work with films. I still have some 135 format films. So I might shoot a roll or two when I feel tired about the digital looking, if ever. In addition, I plan to develop a few themes within the Project so the images will be based on the theme instead of on a particular lens. The current setting made the Project look more like sample images of all these Konica lenses, which was not doing any good for me and for any person who is interested in the lenses. You will probably see more and more architecture or interior photographs since those are my main focus right now.

The above image was taken with the Hexanon 28mm f/1.8 UC lens. The place is 100state, a leading coworking space in Madison, WI. I was impressed as it doesn’t look at all that digital.

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