Computer Failure

Right on the Black Friday, my desktop just failed to boot up. What a coincidence!

After some tests, I have determined that the problem was the hard drive. Although I have been thinking of upgrading my desktop for a while, I have never been able to do so due to limited budget, or actually, no budget. Now I’m forced to do something, if not to upgrade the whole system. At least I need a new hard drive, and I may also take this opportunity to install Windows 7. I was using Windows Vista and was just too lazy to upgrade the operating system.

Since I do most of my work on my desktop, I won’t be able to share any new photos with you before I fix the desktop. It may take me at least a week to resume normal workflow, if everything goes well. Hopefully I can find some good deal on the Cyber Monday.

One comment on “Computer Failure
  1. Ting-Li Lin says:

    Amazon just shipped the hard drive I ordered on Monday, and it’s expected to be delivered next Tuesday. I guess I was too optimistic, and now I hope to resume normal workflow by next weekend.

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