A northern cardinal by Ting-Li Lin

This photo of a male northern cardinal was taken with Fujifilm X-Pro1 and lens. At f/16, the chromatic aberration (CA) along tree branches is well noticeable under this kind of backlight situation. Fortunately, the CA can easily be removed in the post-processing. The contrast, sharpness and color are good in general. Perhaps the X-Trans sensor helps.

My hasn’t had much progress for the past couple years, but I’m looking to do more this summer. Shooting film is no longer practical for me, so I may just use my Konica lenses with X-Pro1 for now. While Sony A7 II might be my next purchase, I really wish Fujifilm can make an X-series camera with a 135-format sensor. Or better yet, with a sensor size of 27mm by 33.7mm, because that’s the aspect ratio closest to 4:5 and can still be covered by the image circle of 135-format lenses. I think any large format photographer who wants to go digital but couldn’t afford a technical camera with a medium format digital back would appreciate such a camera.

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