Early morning in Viola, Wisconsin

This was my first time to visit Viola, Wisconsin. Ever since I started my photography business, I found myself spending much less time on my personal work. Although it may not seem very productive, I still made some progress. Not … Read More

End of Summer 2014

End of Summer 2014 Madison, Wisconsin, USA, 2014

Revisit Glacier National Park

[portfolio_slideshow slideheight=500 ids=”1508,1509,1510,1511,1512,1513,1514,1515,1516,1517″] My family and I just spent last week in the Glacier National Park. Here are a few photos taken in the park.


終於拍完今年的第二卷 120 底片,這張竟是六個月前拍的耶!(嚴格說起來這應該是第一卷,因為另一卷其實是拿去測試相機用了。)

Shades of green

Konica Autoreflex T4 Hexanon AR 35mm f/2.8 AE (f22) Kodak Ektar 100 1/500s @ f5.6

Natural Bridge

It’s a small state park in Wisconsin, named Natural Bridge State Park, but it’s not very popular. The key feature is this bridge (of course). Konica Autoreflex T4 Konica Hexanon AR 21mm f/4 EE Kodak Ektar 100 1/60s @ f/8


Believe it or not. This picture was taken back in June this year. I finally finished this roll last weekend and had it developed today. The first two frames of this roll was taken even back in May! If the … Read More

Oh, summer!

今年的夏天真是熱得不像話,除了上禮拜得天天開冷氣之外,不知道已經有多久沒下雨了,一直到昨天才下了大約兩個小時的小雨。公園、球場的草地全都變成褐色,除草機也都消聲匿跡了。 如果能這樣悠閒地泡在水裡,看著大山大水,該有多好? Lake McDonald, Glacier National Park (2007)