Post-concert procrastination

I haven’t touched my violin since the concert early this month, which I think is a privilege of not being a professional violinist. After watching some of the performances at the Queen Elizabeth Violin Competition, however, I was inspired again … Read More


在台灣的時候,我大都是用 Dominant 的弦為主,因為它在台灣賣的價錢很便宜,也有很多音樂家在用。來到美國之後,雖然相較之下 Dominant 還是算便宜的弦,但價格上比台灣貴蠻多的。第一次拿琴去給這裡的師傅調整琴的時候,他建議我可以試試看 Evah Pirazzi 的弦,比較貴沒錯,但是應該會對琴的音色有幫助。