Exhibition Catalogue

This exhibition catalogue was supposed to be done couple weeks ago, but my first try of Blurb was not perfect due to color discrepancy on the cover. I was using Lightroom 4.4 to create the book and then upload it … Read More

Upcoming Exhibition “Formation”

I have been preparing for my next exhibition since the beginning of this year. The curator of Gallery 800 UBD, Joyce E. Bromley, selected 30 works from some of my portfolios, and we decided to name the exhibition “Formation.” Now … Read More

Exhibition at Sunroom Cafe and Gallery



Exhibition at Sunroom Cafe & Gallery

I just received an email from the art director of the Sunroom Cafe & Gallery a few days ago, inviting me to have an exhibition there. She is interested in showing my work previously exhibited at the Steenbock Gallery. Another … Read More

Exhibition Installation

Thank Carol for helping me with the installation of the exhibition this afternoon. It’s a pleasure to work with her. We spent most of the time on arranging the photos, which I think is no easier than making photographs. The … Read More

First Solo Exhibition

My first solo exhibition is coming up next week at the Steenbock Gallery here in Madison, WI. The photographs on view will be from the Decomposing series. The exhibition opens on Wednesday, January 4th, and closes on Friday, February 3rd. … Read More


畢業之後雖然還沒有一份正式的工作,但也找了一些事情給自己忙。攝影當然是其中一件。除了架設這個新網站,並且把四月份開始的 Konica Hexanon Project 也整合在一起之外,還送件到 Center for Photography at Madison 經營的 Steenbock Gallery 爭取參加他們明年度的攝影展。 上禮拜收到他們寄來的通知,說他們接受了我的申請,展期排在明年的一月二日至二月三日,共五個禮拜。展出 Decomposing series 中的作品,約二十件左右。高興之餘,也有點擔心接下來有沒有足夠的時間和精力準備展覽,畢竟時間只剩下兩個月不到。不管怎樣,這將是我人生的第一個攝影展,就跟它拼了吧!