To Thomas Struth

Milwaukee Art Museum, Wisconsin, USA, 2014

Munising Falls

I spent my last 7 days of the year 2013 around Munising, Michigan, which is next to the Pictured Rock National Lakeshore along Lake Superior. The main purpose of the trip was to have myself recharged and to get ready … Read More


Fujifilm X-Pro1 + Hexanon 21mm f/2.8 AE


“When you have children, everything that is yours is theirs. But nothing that is theirs is yours.” — Michael ‘Nick’ Nichols, National Geographic Wildlife Photographer, from the Patagonia film Worn Wear

Kohl Center

I don’t know what it is. But the fun of photography seems to be coming back.


Once again, I am trying to work towards simplicity. This time the focus is on my photo equipment, and I think I have made a right decision recently, which is to go for a digital medium format camera. At the … Read More

12 Years

Time flies. I’m going into my 13th year in Madison this month. While lots of things changed in my life during the past 12 years, one thing does not seem to have changed. That is, every time I want to … Read More

John Nolen Drive at Night

It’s been a while without taking photos at night. I don’t feel like it’s my thing, but it’s fun to do it once in a while. This was a 2-minute exposure, and I turned off the noise reduction function so … Read More


Having heard good things about Capture One, I finally gave it a try this week and found it dose process images from X-Trans sensor much better than Lightroom does. Different color, in a good way, and much more details. Its … Read More

Reorganizing Portfolio “Solitude”

I decided to reorganize my latest portfolio “Solitude – An Endless Journey” so it now contains five movements. Each movement has its own motif, just like the movements in a sonata or symphony. I would also like to call this … Read More

Revisit Glacier National Park

[portfolio_slideshow slideheight=500 ids=”1508,1509,1510,1511,1512,1513,1514,1515,1516,1517″] My family and I just spent last week in the Glacier National Park. Here are a few photos taken in the park.

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