Exhibition Catalogue

This exhibition catalogue was supposed to be done couple weeks ago, but my first try of Blurb was not perfect due to color discrepancy on the cover. I was using Lightroom 4.4 to create the book and then upload it … Read More

Upcoming Exhibition “Formation”

I have been preparing for my next exhibition since the beginning of this year. The curator of Gallery 800 UBD, Joyce E. Bromley, selected 30 works from some of my portfolios, and we decided to name the exhibition “Formation.” Now … Read More


I spent some time this week on redesigning my web site and integrating all my blogs into this one. Instead of having different things in different places, now I think putting them together may not be a bad thing since … Read More

Light leak

It was the first time I saw this kind of light leak on my T4 (or on any of my cameras), and interestingly, it happened to only one frame, not the entire roll of film. I really have no idea … Read More

Project update – July 2012

The progress of this project has been slowing down for the past few months due to various reasons. As I have less time to take photos, it takes longer to finish a roll of film and then get it developed and scanned. Also, I’m thinking to include more information on this site in addition to photos. That takes time, too. I would hate to see this site being like a photo stream on flickr.

First Solo Exhibition

My first solo exhibition is coming up next week at the Steenbock Gallery here in Madison, WI. The photographs on view will be from the Decomposing series. The exhibition opens on Wednesday, January 4th, and closes on Friday, February 3rd. … Read More