When I was a kid, I enjoyed taking family pictures with my dad’s Canon AE-1 and Konica Autoreflex TC. I bought my first camera, Canon EOS 33, after college. However, I did not become serious about photography until after my first trip to the Yellowstone National Park in 2003.

Form, shape, and contrast are the main themes in my photographic work. Like rhythms in music, they can be constructed, deconstructed, and reconstructed in infinite ways. It is this infinite possibility that attracts me the most when making photographs.

Music has been my passion since my childhood; nature and landscape always fascinate me; playing sports helps me relax and stay focused; and logical and analytical thinking is something I can’t live without. They all contribute to or inspire my work in some way. Yet none of them alone would make the creation of my work possible. I create images to learn about myself as well as learn about the world. Sometimes I try to reflect a sense of emotional detachment; other times, I just make it fun or simply beautiful.

Artistic expression and technical excellence are equally important to me. Not only do I like to explore different type of photography, I also like to try new techniques or technologies. That’s how I keep my mind fresh and creative.

In 2015, my friend Max Chen and I founded a commercial photography and video production studio with a focus on interior and architectural photography, VR technology, and documentary.


Solo Exhibitions

Photo Exhibition

100state Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin, United States
January – August, 2017


Gallery 800 UBD, Madison, Wisconsin, United States
May 2nd – October 3rd, 2014


Sunroom Cafe & Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin, United States
March 5th – April 15th, 2012


Steenbock Gallery, Madison, Wisconsin, United States
January 4th – February 3rd, 2012

Group Exhibitions

Dane Arts Buy Local (DABL) Pop-up Art Market

Gallery at Truax, Madiscon College, Madison, Wisconsin, United States
September 4th – October 19th, 2018

Promega Artshow

BioPharmaceutical Technology Center, Fitchburg, Wisconsin, United States
January 12th – March 4th, 2018

CODAawards Exhibition

Octagon Museum, Washington D.C., United States
March 23rd – October, 2017

Honors and Awards

M List: Innovation in the Arts

Madison Magazine, 2018

Honorable Mention

International Photo Awards, 2017

  • Tranquillo
    – Professional – Special : Night Photography

Honorable Mentions (11)

International Photo Awards, 2016

  • Wisconsin State Capitol
    – Professional – Architecture : Buildings Category
    – Professional – Architecture : Other Category
    – Professional – Architecture : Interiors Category
    – Professional – Architecture : Historic Category
  • Elements
    – Professional – Nature : Landscapes Category
  • Early Bird
    – Professional – Special : Night Photography Category
    – Professional – Nature : Landscapes Category
  • Madison Star Trails
    – Professional – Architecture : Cityscapes Category
  • Overture Center for the Arts
    – Professional – Architecture : Buildings Category
    – Professional – Architecture : Other Category
  • Stay Cool
    – Professional – Nature : Other Category

First Prize

Ansel Adams Gallery National Park Photography Contest, 2009

Professional Society Membership

International Virtual Reality Photography Association