My parents told me that, when I was 7, I asked them to buy a piano for me, and they did. At that time, it was a big purchase for them. They sent me to study music and piano, and at age of 9, I was admitted to the music-specialty class in my elementary school. Piano was my major, and I chose violin to be my minor. When I was at the 5th grade, I switched my major to violin. I thought I was going to be a professional violinist.

That never happened.

After I left the music school after the 7th grade, I kept studying violin with Catherine Chen through college. I played in student orchestras as well as the Physicians' Chamber Orchestra of Taiwan and the Taipei Civic Symphony Orchestra. After college, I studied briefly with Tracy Janis Tu. When I came to Madison, Wisconsin, I also studied violin with Professor Tyrone Greive for one semester. However, switching to music major was never an option for me.

While I still play violin and piano occasionally, I now spend more time on creating music for my videos. I've found that it's a perfect way to combine my passions in photography and music!


Certificate of Merit

Violin Behrendt Scholarship Competition, Music Festival in Honor of Confucius, Chicago, IL



Laura Vigato, Brescia, Italy, 1985

Violin Bow

Robert Morrow, Port Townsend, WA, United States, 2011


Yamaha G2 R, 1986